Jennifer Aniston Admits Justin Theroux is Very Into Manscaping

It’s not every day you catch your husband rifling around in your beauty products—unless you’re Jennifer Aniston, that is! During a new interview with Refinery29, the actress spilled some details on her marriage with Justin Theroux, and revealed the actor likes to “dabble” around her beauty stash (a collection we can assume is freakin’ awesome).

“He steals my shampoo, my hair paste…whatever product I put on my face, he just does the same for him,” Aniston, 48, told the lifestyle site. “You know, he likes to dabble.”

She even spilled on some of his grooming habits. “He kind of manscapes,” she continued. “Which I actually enjoy. I enjoy a nicely manscaped partner.”


The couple knows how to compromise, too. While visiting the Late Late Show back in May, Theroux revealed that Aniston isn’t really a fan of his video game playing. Most of us can relate. “We play Call of Duty. Me and Will [Arnett] and some very funny other people log on, and we play that game together and we kill each other,” he said. “She doesn’t understand it.”

“You kinda gotta pitch it like, ‘Oh, by the way, the guys are getting together tonight.’ And she’s like, ‘Oh cool, where are you going?’ And I’m like, ‘To my office.’ In my ear, we’re all together and we’re all having fun and we’re murdering 11-year-olds,” he continued. “She comes to my office and looks in the door and kinda goes like, ‘You’re just sitting there laughing and howling and screaming.’ She just sees blood going across the screen and she doesn’t understand that I’m actually having a bros night.”

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Aniston and Theroux recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary last week, and a source revealed the duo “still very much act like newlyweds.” Judging from the information above, we definitely believe it. “They love to laugh and share a wicked sense of humor. They are great friends and have total respect for each other.”