Storm Chaser Proposes to Girlfriend in Front of Tornado

Proposals are a beautiful thing, but they are always heart-pounding—whether you’re the proposer or the proposee. One storm chaser decided to take that whole heart-pounding element of proposing to his girlfriend to the next level by getting down on one knee in front of—what else—a tornado.

Alex Bartholomew, who, yes, storm chases for a living, asked his girlfriend Britney Fox Cayton to marry him on Tuesday with a ropelike tornado in the backdrop, making one of the most jaw-dropping engagement photo moments we’ve ever seen. (However, you could also argue that because Bartholomew chases storms, he proposed at his office, which is…mundane?) He posted several photos and video captured by friends to his Facebook account to, obviously, share the intense and romantic moment, as first discovered by Mashable.

In his post, which you can read in full below, the storm chaser thanked his pals involved for arranging the picture-perfect and entirely scary engagement as well as some romantic sentiments.

“Wow what a day. 2 (maybe 3 tornadoes), great storms and most importantly she said YES! I can’t quite describe the feeling that has overcome me. Elated, ecstatic, overjoyed, just plain damn happy. I seriously couldn’t ask for a better life and I can’t wait to spend it with her by my side,” he wrote.

(It kinda makes this acroyoga engagement look pretty easy, don’t you think?)

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Cayton also shared an engagement selfie online, expressing similar sentiment and gratitude, but without the incredibly dangerous tornado thing right behind them. Regardless of how dangerous the whole thing was (or was not, one could argue), you can tell from Cayton’s post that the duo is just beaming. Congrats to the happy couple—promise us you’ll be a bit more mindful when it comes to the actual wedding day setup, please? Especially if you’re planning an outdoor event or something.

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