Wedding Gifts Come as Dolla Bills? What to Do With Them If Leaving for Your Honeymoon the Next Morning

Once you’ve wed, there’s one more exciting milestone to look forward to: your honeymoon, of course! Many couples plan to excitedly jet off immediately following their nuptials—a great way to keep the celebration and joy at an all-time high. However, they may find this causes a small problem regarding what to do with all their wedding gifts, which are often cash or checks. Fear not—we’ve got you covered.

Research Your Options

Many banks have local 24-hour ATMs that accept both cash and check deposits, and you can consider stopping at one prior to your travels to ensure your wedding gifts make it to the bank. Do your research and check (no pun intended) to see if this is an option for you. If so, just be sure to pay careful attention to daily deposit limits for both cash and checks. If you and your new spouse have separate accounts, you can easily double the amount you’re allowed to deposit as well, which may cover your total.

As another option, many banking apps also allow digital deposit of checks via photograph, which you can easily do from the comfort of your hotel or home. (Score!) Just be certain that you’ve logged your gifts in a convenient place, in case anything falls through with the technology. (It happens.)

Wait It Out

If banking, counting, and recording prior to heading off sounds like too much work, find a trusted person who can help out. Appoint one person—perhaps a parent, sibling, or reliable bridal-party member—to safeguard your gifts until your return. Ideally, this person would have a safe deposit box or other secure location to keep your valuables in while you can vacation worry free. You can also provide him or her with a safe that you can keep upon your return. Some couples may just find peace of mind storing their goods at an occupied home versus a vacant one.

You can also consider pre-arranging a safe deposit box at a local bank where you can carefully store your items immediately following the wedding. This way, you can securely look forward to the counting, cashing, and depositing once you’ve safely arrived home. Just remember to store the key in a safe spot!

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Bring Some With You

Some couples opt to take some cash with them to use as spending money on their honeymoon. This is a fantastic idea! Just be careful and cautious about the amount and means in which you carry cash while traveling, as losing cash is one of the worst feelings in the world. If you have time, consider purchasing traveler’s checks or digital debit cards at the airport currency exchange, where available. Additionally, if you’re traveling internationally, you will have to declare any monies being brought into new destinations if over a certain value. So, double-check the rules and regs prior to departure.