Wedding Registry Gift Ideas You Can Actually Use on Your Wedding Day

Little-known fact: You don’t have to register for items you want to have later as Mr. and Mrs., Mr. and Mr., or Mrs. and Mrs.

Most couples’ registries are reflective of a couple’s wedding-day style as it is, so why not add a few gifts that you will not only cherish in your home but can also play a significant part in your big day?

Case in point: these seven gifts that’ll feel even more special post-wedding and will help trim your budget. Win-win!

Jennifer Spector is the director of brand strategy and newlywed-at-large at Zola, the wedding registry that will do anything for love. At Zola, you’ll find all the gifts, experiences, and funds you want all in one place. We help people get more of their registry. Sign up today and receive $25 toward your registry.